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Wheel Spacer

Wheel Spacer
Aupart Wheel Spacers will give your vehicle a good wide stance, and create stability when off road, allowing you to have more confidence on side slopes. To do this you need to have the greatest distance available between the tyres. This will give your vehicle a larger overall footprint on the ground. Good quality wheel spacers can provide this enhanced footprint, pushing your wheels and tyres out.

Another great use for wheel spacers is when using larger tyres on your vehicle, you may have issues with the tyres touching on your chassis when turning, using wheel spacers you push the wheels out, and away from the chassis and or body allowing you to clear the tyres. Vehicles fitted with Alloy rims may need to check and source replacement nuts to mount rim to spacer. Aupart Wheel Spacers are manufactured from Billet Alloy Aluminum T6-6061.

All spacers are Silver anodized to prevent corrosion and maintain quality, and are supplied individually complete with quality wheel studs & nuts where applicable. Wheel spacers are designed and sold for off road use only, the consumer must contact their local road authority for roadworthy inquiries.
  • Product Specifications
Part Number Application Dimension Color
AX0358 NISSAN PATROL GQ & GU 25mm 6 x 139.7 - 110mm ID 176mm OD(M12*1.25) Silver
AX0359 NISSAN PATROL GQ & GU 38mm 6 x 139.7 - 110mm ID 176mm OD(M12*1.25) Silver
AX0360 NISSAN PATROL GQ & GU 50mm 6 x 139.7 - 110mm ID 176mm OD(M12*1.25) Silver
AX0361 TOYOTA LANDCRUISER 76/78/79/100IFS/105 SERIES 25mm 5 x 150 - 110CB (M14*1.5) Silver
AX0362 TOYOTA LANDCRUISER 76/78/79/100IFS/105 SERIES 38mm 5 x 150 - 110CB (M14*1.5) Silver
AX0363 TOYOTA LANDCRUISER 76/78/79/100IFS/105 SERIES 50mm 5 x 150 - 110CB (M14*1.5) Silver
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