Winch Fairlead

Winch Fairlead
Aupart offer a range of various high quality and versatile Fairleads.

The Aupart AX0436 Alloy Fairlead has been designed for those situations where you run a plasma rope on a cable style winch & bar with an existing roller style fairlead. Basically the premise is to replace the roller fairlead with the AX0436 60mm extended fairlead so the plasma rope clears all the sharp objects etc. & minimizes any rubbing on the bar when winching at angles. The setup with the rear 60mm spacer (with fitting points to suit both standard & 25mm offset) has added benefit of being able to be used as a wide mouth fairlead if required.

Fairleads to suit standard winch bars designed to work with plasma rope are also available in both standard, offset and multi-fit designs.
  • Product Specifications
Part Number Application
AX0436B ALLOY FAIRLEAD w/60mm Spacer Plate - Black
AX0436S ALLOY FAIRLEAD w/60mm Spacer Plate - Silver
AX0617 ALLOY MULTI-FIT HAWSE FAIRLEAD w/20mm Offset Hole - Black