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Aupart Rear Tow Hitch  

Aupart offer a Heavy Duty Rear Recovery Tow Hitch featuring Twin mounting Holes for either vertical or horizontal mounting depending on recovery angle. Destruction tested to WLL5000kgs, and designed to suit a HEAVY DUTY tow bar with 50*50mm tow hitch (please ensure towing system is rated and designed for this application)

The recovery hitch itself is rated to WLL5000kgs, and is recommended for use with a 4700kgs Bow Shackle. Aupart offer this item as the single hitch.

Part NumberApplicationColorWLL (kgs)
AX0414 RECOVERY TOW HITCH - Aluminum RED 5000
AX0535 RECOVERY TOW HITCH - Aluminum BLUE 5000
AX0536 RECOVERY TOW HITCH - Aluminum GOLD 5000
AX0537 RECOVERY TOW HITCH - Aluminum - extended length RED 5000
AX0548 RECOVERY TOW HITCH - Aluminum - extended length - including ball pin GOLD 5000

Aupart provides multiple choice of the color to the Aluminum Recovery Tow Hitches