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Aupart Brackets  

Aupart offer a great range of bracketry to aid in either strengthening or supporting identified ‘weak’ areas of the vehicle. Most of these ‘weak’ bits are as a result of the changes that have been made to the vehicle with the upgrade in strength of other componentry, addition of accessories, lifts or the way you use your vehicle! If you were driving like Nana on a standard street, none of this strengthening would be necessary... but because you try to out do your mates taking a rocky track, and put additional
stresses on your vehicle, then these are something you should really look at!

Torsion Bar Strengthening Brackets

The Landcruiser 100 Series with IFS have experienced issues with cracking of the lower control arm around the area that the Torsion Bar torque arms bolt to, due to the high torque and impact loadings passing through the torsion bars and the lower control arm. The Aupart reinforcing bracket is a folded plate that when bolted on, strengthens the lower control arm in the area where cracking is experienced. Aupart recommend fitting a Torsion Bar Strengthening Brace on all 100 series IFS regardless to whether they have any aftermarket components.  
Part NumberApplicationSuits Lift


Aupart Idler Reinforcing Brackets

The Aupart Idler Bracket for the D22 Navara is installed between the chassis & the factory idler. The bracket provides support to the bottom of the pivot pin stopping the side loading wearing the bushing out too quickly. Side loading force is greater when a suspension lift & large tyres are fitted. Especially in these circumstances is the installation of a support bracket recommended. The Aupart bracket is manufactured from 4mm plate, with the pivot pin hole slightly oversize to suit for both aftermarket & Genuine style idler arms.  
Part NumberApplicationSuits Lift
AX0407 NISSAN NAVARA D22 (Individual) ALL


Coil Tower Strengthening Brackets

Nissan Patrol GQ & GU have been known to experience cracking in the top rear coil mounts. When these mounts crack, the coil pushes up into the body, and crushes the brake lines, resulting in loss of braking. The Aupart Coil Tower Strengthening Brackets are designed to reinforce this area of the top mount.  
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