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As part of the Aupart range of 4x4 Accessories, comes one a bit from left field! The Aupart Firesticks, is probably more associated with 'camping', but since you use your 4WD to get there we've drawn a long bow & included it in the catalogue!

Ever had issues with campfire cooking? Trying to balance your frypans on logs that burn out, ash in the food, burnt food from being too close to the flames? Aupart 4WD now offer you a solution with “Firesticks” - Campfire Cooking Made Easy! Simply plant the end supports on each side of the camp fire, with horizontal crossmember across the fire, then use the height adjustable hanging hooks to position your hanging frypan or pot at the desired cooking height. Hanging low, or high, the height adjustable hooks make it easy to get that camp fire cooking right! No more burnt bacon or snags! No more boil dry billy! With Aupart 4WD Firesticks your Campfire Cooking is Made Easy!


This Aupart 4WD “Firesticks” kit contains all you need to get you started on your Campfire Cooking Made Easy goal. All you need to supply is the fire, pots, pans & food! Complete with one of each small & large Hanging Hooks - you can expand this kit with the purchase of additional hooks at any time.
Kit Contents:
※ 2 x End Supports
※ 1 x Crossmember
※ 1 x Small Hanging Hook
※ 1 x Large Hanging Hook
※ 1 x Storage Bag
※ 1 x Storage Tube
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